Afternoon. My first visit to the forum in months. Never seem to find the time...

Anyway, one of our ASLs recently moved to Hull, and is looking for a local group who may be able to use his services.
He lives within the City of Hull District. He has had some email exchanges with the DC, but that is more to do with being a First Aid instructor than seeking a group, so he has asked me to put the feelers out on here.

He is a Doctor who is training in A & E, so obviously works shifts, so any role he agrees would need to be flexible. Despite only being with us 9 or so months, he has the makings of an excellent leader. His skills are good, and he is into various outdoor activities. Needless to say, we were sorry he moved! Although we remain hopeful he'll find a job in Leicester once his training is over in 3 years! Look on it as long term lease!

If any groups are interested, send me a private message on here and I'll pass on your details.

[I did mention this some time back, and did receive some PMs. However, at that time he only knew he would be 'somewhere in Yorkshire', so nothing was acted upon.]