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Thread: Ideas for evening based on Scout law/respect - Scout section

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    Ideas for evening based on Scout law/respect - Scout section

    Over the last few week we have had a few scout meetings where the Scouts have been for want of a better word a bit lively talking over each other, grabbibng at things - helping them selves to more of certain things/items than they should ( resulting on others missing out) and generaly being a bit me, me, me , me, me and stuff any one else type attitude, also there has been an increase in pushing/shoviing etc etc up to a point where a there was a real risk of someone getting injured.

    This may sound like a normal Scout meeting, but the levels of the above have increased recently - after having a word with them one night things have improved somewhat, and to finish of the term, we would like to do an evening activitys based on reducing the above possibly losely based round the Scout Law, any ideas?

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    Any ideas? posted in worng forum?

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    How about spending an evening getting them to write a list of groundrules and get them all to sign it?

    Not strictly about the law but might help with your situation!

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    We did a code of conduct evening, got the Scouts to sit in patrols, each Scout had to suggest an idea for a behaviour which should be on the code of conduct, the patrol decided if they agreed it, and if they did, the patrol leader sent the Scout to stick it on a wall on a post it. They had about 5 mins for this, so quite fast paced.We then as round the post it wall and discussed the behaviours. For each one, we asked them what Scout law they thought it demonstrated (or failed to demonstrate if it was a negative behaviour) - to save time I picked out similar behaviours to deal with as groups of post its. We then agreed a positive behaviour for inclusion in our code of conduct and they voted on how to phrase it and whether to include it, eg, Don't be silly became Be sensible when being given instructions, and Don't go places we aren't allowed became Know the boundaries and stick to them.

    I should say, we did have a bit of a laugh at the same time, but the Scouts were also quite good at coming up with behaviours they liked and didn't like, and it did make them think about being a bit more respectful of us and of each other.

    Hope that helps.

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