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Thread: The thread which just won't die?

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    Apropos of nothing other than it reminded me of the story... Years ago, my Mum got a part time job in a new shop - a man's clothes shop - in a local town. The owner had done a heck of a lot of chatting and 'research' about what kind of shop she should go for. Unanimously, it was a men's clothing shop. Not posh stuff, just decent stuff. This was in a town called Gullane, quite posh, the centre of golf country here.

    It crashed. I don't think my Mum served more than a dozen customers in the six or eight weeks it lasted.

    The reason? There's a big difference between what people say they need, and what they'll actually use. The idea of having a men's clothing shop was a fine one, and people did use it, but they just didn't need it anything like as much as they thought they would. There was an inherent selfishness in it, because the people the owner asked, really didn't think about how often they actually bought clothes, they just thought it would be handy. (The owner obviously never thought about it either. I don't think my Mum had ever been more bored...)

    Yesterday, a couple of older scouts popped in to look at the bogs, they were talking about Zoom meetings and activities there-on. It was exactly the same thing. They said we could learn some knots. I said to them, think about how that would actually be, you know - put yourself in the situation and imagine how it would work...

    They did, and realised it might work for a few minutes, but not for much longer - what small amount of interest there was to begin with, wouldn't be enough to support the activity.

    Also, can you imagine trying to explain verbally where to put the tails of the rope? Gosh, that would be frustrating, and frustrating multiplied by however many you had on the Zoom meeting.

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    Had our first face to face meeting since lockdown last night. 7pm on a wet dark night outdoors, partly because outdoor is better, but also because the school where we meet won't allow us in this term.

    It wouldn't have been my choice normally, especially when getting to know newcomers from the waiting list and a couple of cubs who'd moved up, as well as the existing scouts who turned up. Several families cancelled because of the weather, a couple were unwell, 1 won't do F2F at all at the moment.

    But we were outdoors in the park and woods, we had 30 minutes rain free of the 2 hours and we had fun! We saw beech trees and nuts, horse chestnuts, oak and acorn, before it got too dark, then in the dark a frog, and loads of fungi. We played several games and hiked around the 'youth forest' so they'll know it better for next week. We got damp, muddy etc, but no-one dissolved or got hypothermic.

    Lots of happy faces (with masks on) and excited scouts when the parents came to pick up, even from the very shy reluctant new one.

    We're going to do blended scouting, some virtual meetings and some outdoors- we're moving the outdoors to Sunday pm after half-term so it won't be dark every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deekjcornwell View Post
    Zoom knot tying instruction not easy ?
    No. Not easy. It did not work for me. It must have been my worst night. However we ran three rooms that night and the other two worked well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claire.shadbolt View Post
    No. Not easy. It did not work for me. It must have been my worst night. However we ran three rooms that night and the other two worked well.

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    Somebody told me knot tying worked well on zoom with an overhead camera.

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    Happy birthday John Lennon. Would have been 80 today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmcmahon View Post
    Happy birthday John Lennon. Would have been 80 today.

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    Looking for an indoor activity we could do with the scouts that keeps masks and social distancing....

    SL 1st Wellington

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