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Thread: Rural and Urban differences

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    Rural and Urban differences

    Does anyone have experience of running a section in an urban enviroment and a rural one, and what are the differences between the kids, how its run, how its viewed in the community etc. When I was much younger I was in an urban group and now run a rural one and to me the differences are marked. The community pitches in a lot more, and the parents seem a lot more proactive, the downsides is that we are miles from anywhere for day trips, or events, so travel costs are much bigger.

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    My experience is the same.

    trouble is my urban scouting was over 40 years ago

    We had lots of 'throughput' and some difficult and troubled individuals.

    Parents were non existent but maybe that was the era not the situation

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    i do urban scouting ... and we are miles away from anywhere to go camping (closest place is an hour or so depending on traffic and is really just for beavers and maybe cubs, for something adventurous for scouts and older is at least 2-4 hours away)
    most interesting 'outdoors' places for day trips take a half day just for travel to and from.
    there are some places in the city that are accessible by transit but they are limited and dwindling as more construction is building in the greenspaces.

    parents i find cycle. some years there are lots of parents around that want to help out, other years its pulling teeth to get parents to help out.

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    We are a group in a rural markets town. We are very much an integral part of our community involved in many aspects of the Towns life. Were involved in town planning,community development as well as many of the community activities that take place. We are at the fore front of our community,we have put ourselves there and the town and ours Group benefit from this.

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