Well the Cubjam crew are just shaking off the last bits from Cubjam 2013 (the review meeting was yesterday) and are about to embark on the 2 1/2 year process that will see us ride into the sunset for Cubjam 2016, with the theme of Wild West. In Spring 2013 we will launch the updated website, confirm fees etc and in the mean time if you have any questions why not pop and see us in the Lid at Reunion next Saturday?

We are taking expressions of interest from possible staff members, especially those who could help in advance too, and we collected names at Cubjam 2013 and at Fundays this year - we will start to get in touch between now and the end of the Autumn Term and formally issue a list of vacant posts / job details etc. We'll pop a link for potential staff on the website in the New Year too, as we appreciate 2016 is a long time away to start thinking of whether you might like to join the team!

Hope to see some of you next Saturday folks :-)