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Thread: Knife Suggestions

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    Sorry I was using those links to show knives - did not think people would not look around - My bad judgement and sincere apologies
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    Quote Originally Posted by roger-uk View Post
    Sorry I was using those links to show knives - did not think people would not look around - My bad judgement and sincere apologies
    Just to be clear I was not posting about your link Rodger but the one which showed a knife for at least twice the price.

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    Thanks to everyone for their links to knives, I've learnt about other options, cheaper than I was buying so thank you all.
    We all come here to learn and help each other and for that I'm grateful


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
    Any suggestions for a knife for Cubs? At camp we offer a range of 'quiet time challenges'. Whittling wasn't on the list but a couple of kids got taken with it - I'm not sure how that started. They were working with my knife which was too big and clumsy for them really but the only one that was sharp enough. And several of the others showed interest but couldn't do much with a single shared knife. The two who did ended up with whittled dip pens with ink made from ashes from a little fire of shavings lit themselves with flint and steel, and good enough to write their names with to earn the 'challenge points'. So we're thinking about taking this into the programme for the older more sensible kids.
    I would suggest opinel #5 or #6 for cubs, great little whittlers
    ACSL (Bagheera)
    74th Birmingham St Germains

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