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Thread: Union affiliation

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    Union affiliation

    Hi Wayne

    What would be your opinion of a proposal that Leaders affiliate themselves to the trade union movement through a union such as CYWU so that they can gain the legal advice and support services necessary to protect them during suspension and dispute procedures ?

    Regards Tony

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    Hi Tony,
    From my knowledge of the issues behind the thread we discussed and our wider research into disputes etc, I do not believe that a “union” to provide“representation” is necessary or the best way forward.
    Certainly cases that have involved somethingsimilar (MPs, solicitors, C.A.B.) have not changed the outcome or proven the decision wrong. My concern would be that this leads to a decreasing spiral of higher legal fees (as GSLs and DCs will need representation) and ultimately employment legislation being extended to volunteers.
    Contrary to views expressed by some, there is no policy or culture of defending line management. It is worth noting that we have overturned local decisions and removed line managers where it has felt necessary. We also have the ability to convene an independent review of acomplaint and do from time to time. The solution for me however, is more effective local support which might include volunteers trained in mediation and dispute resolution as part of a County/Regional/Areateam for example which would provide better support for leaders and linemanagers in resolving differences. Separate arrangements apply to safeguarding issues and I’ve talked in my blog about some of the work to improve those situations.

    As we improve the quality of the support through more effective line managers, I appreciate that this will mean occasionally that volunteers who have ignored basic rules in POR for some time find no place for themselves in TSA unlessthey comply. This is necessary to protect all of our reputations and the safekeeping of young people. This is what happened in the Surrey group which was reported and behind one of the threads.

    I am concerned that the discussions about this here are overly influenced by the personal agenda and experience of a small number of people. There are always two sides to such stories, and I’m aware of the other side in many of them and satisfied that appropriate decisions have been made, as unpopular as they may be. In the same way that I don’t immediately assume people are wrong just because we disagree, I would hope that others don’t either and remain balanced in drawing conclusions. The reality is that morale within the Movement is good (measured by the annual member survey for example ), leaders are staying similar periods and TSA is growing at a greater rate than similar organisations.

    We can always do better however and we are investing a lot of resource in that as I mentioned also in my blog.

    It is human nature unfortunately that adults will fall out or occasionally disagree, I’ve written before that this is best solved by ‘jaw jaw’ rather than ‘war war’ and within the spirit of our values and I very much hope that such prevails.

    Many thanks,
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    Wayne Bulpitt

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