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Thread: Youth Data Upload

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    Youth Data Upload

    Hi, have had this through from HQ:

    'We had previously planned for Counties / Areas / Regions (Scotland) to do upload youth data in tranches during timeslots they have pre-booked for. We now realise that this may not be the ideal way to do it and have modified the process to give you more freedom to decide locally when and how you want to schedule your Leaders to upload their youth data. A copy of the data upload process guide can be found here.

    Scheduling the uploading of youth data will now work as follows:

    1) Uploading of youth data will now be managed through the line management for Counties / Areas / Regions (Scotland) and supported by Compass Champions.

    2) The Compass Project Team will no longer maintain a schedule for when Counties / Areas/ Regions (Scotland) plan to have their Leaders upload their youth data.

    3) Shortly after all members of The Scout Association have been invited to register for Compass, Compass Champions and Commissioners will be notified that the site that will be used for bulk uploading of youth data to Compass is now available.

    4) From that moment onwards the Compass team at HQ will take a cut of the youth data uploaded from the site every seven days and import it into Compass. We will publish a schedule of the exact times and days these cuts will be taken.

    5) Once the import of data has been made into Compass, Leaders will have access to their youth data in Compass and use the functions in Compass that relate to administration of youth members.

    6) It is now up to Counties / Areas / Regions (Scotland) to decide locally how and when they want to schedule and complete their uploading of youth data between before mid-December 2014. Approaches you may take could vary from:
    a. Let each Group or even Section individually decide when they are ready to upload their data and choose a particular date before mid-December 2014 to do so.
    b. Decide that the every Section in the entire County / Area / Region (or even an entire Country) must upload their data during a particular seven day slot before mid-December 2014.

    The main point is that it is now entirely up to Counties /Areas / Regions (Scotland) to locally decide how and when youth data is uploaded and then imported to Compass before mid-December 2014 deadline. We will be producing regular reports on the status of uploading of youth data compared against census 2013/14 data to track progress.'

    According to the user guide, link to upload will go up in-between the Compass and Disclosure tab on the members area of - no word yet on when this will be though


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    full instructions with pictures can be found here
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