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Thread: Compass Young Person Information Form

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    Compass Young Person Information Form


    I completed a young person information form as a parent for my daughter this evening. I didn't like the form for a number of reasons but the one that stood out to me the most was gender. The form has M F. The first problem is that if I put an X on M then am I selecting M meaning I am male or am I crossing out M meaning I am female? Of even more concern, there is no trans-gender option. It would seem you are behind even the University of Delhi here, see: I think you are asking for trouble if this does not get changed asap.

    I also felt that the form was fishing for information from me so that I could be targeted with mailshots. Therefore I didn't give any mobile numbers, clearly an issue if I had to be contacted in an emergency for my daughter. The form does not ask in what way I can be contacted and for what purpose. I should be able to give a mobile number for emergency contact purposes only.

    Are there plans to improve the form?


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    The short answer to the question is yes, the form will be improved over time as and when valid good suggestions are made.

    We have 3 options within the gendercategory for adult Members (over 18) within new adult joining information onCompass. (The three categories are male, female and unknown). This data fieldis reflective of current guidance for organisations which use DBS checkingservices, which enables adults who are transgender to obtain DBS checks withoutdisclosing gender status. The census asks all Members for gender (male orfemale) which is reflective of current UK legal recognition of 2 genders.

    We have produced guidance to supportadults and young people who are transgender, or questioning their genderidentity which can be found via this link. This guidance was developed inpartnership with Mermaids and The Gender Trust.

    For local Scout Groups supporting young people who aretransgender, their primary concern isthe wellbeing of the individual young person and how best to practically meettheir support needs.We know there is asubstantial number of young people who are transgender accessing Scouting, andoverall the Movement is highly effective at meeting those needs and deliveringinclusive Scouting.Our approach andsupport offered around gender identity is always developing, and our Inclusionand Diversity Team continue to support and respond to the needs of the Movementin relation to transgender enquiries.

    Should UK law change to recognise a third gender, ascountries including Germany, India and Australia have, The Scout Associationwould of course reconsider our approach.

    The form also clearly articulates how information fromyou will and will not be used and you control your options as to whichcommunication you receive. There is no'fishing' for mailshot targeting.
    The form also asks for emergency contact information,this is where you can provide details as to how you can be contacted in anemergency.

    Wayne Bulpitt

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulpittw View Post
    The form also clearly articulates how information from you will and will not be used and you control your options as to which communication you receive.
    Wayne thanks for the reply. I would agree that the form asks which communications I receive. However, it does not ask how I receive them. The best description I can find of what I mean is described at point 69 in this document from the Information Commissioner's Office:

    When using opt-in boxes, organisations should remember that
    to comply with PECR they should provide opt-in boxes to obtain
    specific consent for each type of electronic marketing they want
    to undertake (eg automated calls, faxes, texts or emails). Best
    practice would be to also provide similar opt-in boxes for
    marketing calls and mail.

    Opt-in example (good practice)
    “Tick if you would like to receive information about our
    products and any special offers by post � / by email � / by
    telephone � / by text message � / by recorded call �”
    This is the type of thing I would like to see on the Young Persons Information Form.


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