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Thread: Easter Cub Camp - spy/james bond theme

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    Easter Cub Camp - spy/james bond theme

    I am taking our cubs aways for a three day easter camp and are having a james bond/spy theme for the camp. We could do with some ideas that leaders have used on there camp, wide games activitys etc. Our young leaders have come up with some great ideas but would like some other ideas to make for a great camp for the cubs.


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    Code breaker night hike, make the scout code wheel. Takes about hour to make, then with this have them crack pre written instructions written in code and send them off, with adult supervision of course.

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    Get some old CDs and write code words on them and hang them out in the trees, the cubs have to get enough data to reconstruct the data for the mission. Do they get all the info for the message, or save time and only get some and guess the rest. A big wide game follows where they have to visit basis to decode numbers, capture the flag etc . Each game gets extra points if they have decoded the message correctly. We did this at a camp and it ran for about 4 hours. Also get them to make bowties, and then have a 'cocktail' party and casino night where they win sweets. They could also make MI6 pass cards take a laptop, printer, and a laminator, or printing kit could do as well. Take a cd player or phone with james bond themes on it and do a guess the film quiz. How about a bond vs villains wide game, complete with crocodilepits, quicksand, and a capture the gold objective.
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    Having done this last year...
    We arranged that Snaggle was kidnapped by one of the evil Young Leaders.
    So, lots of seeking clues and pre-recorded messages from HQ to ensure his rescue!

    Things that worked well:
    • Finger printing
    • Water-logged obstacle course (complete with inflatable sharks and crocodiles)
    • Invisible ink
    • ID cards
    • Periscopes
    • Disguises
    • Treasure hunt with items disguised in plain sight - Geocache containers worked well here, e.g. stones, tin cans and even snails that contained hidden objects
    • Cross the "laser beams" (darkened hall rigged up with red string, bells, and some flashing lights)
    • Passing secret messages with semaphore and morse code
    • High speed boat chase (remote control boat, trying to retrieve a magnetised floating duck items placed in the middle)

    And we also did a casino night - it was a black tie event (well, cheap white t-shirts which they drew ties on) complete with cocktail waitress (one of the mums with a sodastream and very wide selection of flavours, toppings, and straws that they could mix and match).

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    Water pistols painted gold.

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