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Thread: Trying to be positive about Compass

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    Trying to be positive about Compass

    Hi Wayne,

    I'm really trying to be positive, but struggling. Rather than having a rant, I'll just point out some of the simple things I can't do that I need to be able to do...

    - I can't access a list of names and postal addresses of all adult appointments in my Area to send out our newsletter as all the addresses are truncated/corrupted (this is such a simple task it's incredible)
    - I can't run a report of all adults involved with the Beaver Scout Section in Wrexham
    - I can't email/alert/SMS even a small number of adults, the emails/SMSs don't get through
    - I can't see an 'outbox' of messages I *try* to send out via Compass

    These are simple procedures that I need to be able to do to be effective in my role. Also, if I'm being hobbled to this degree, how am I supposed to remain positive as a local communicator. I'm not going to lie to people.

    Final question - what is TSA going to do with all the money they get from suing the company that "provided" Compass?

    Moz (feeling a little exasperated!)

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    Hi Moz
    Sorry for the delay, playing catch up.
    We are providing a detailed update today/tomorrow on the steps being taken and progress made. Priority has been stability of the system (we know particularly frustrating last week was) and it's reassuring that great progress has been made in that respect.

    Will provide a more detailed updated,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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