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Thread: Project Dixie / Website improvements?

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    Project Dixie / Website improvements?

    Hi Wayne,

    Some time ago there were was some talk of a project to improve the website (apparently known as Project Dixie?).

    I can't find much recent information but there's been various hints on eScouts that Project Dixie is cancelled, supported by other hints on the Compass Support Forum today.
    The last real website updates I can remember were the ones around Christmas 2012 and at that time you commented that:
    Quote Originally Posted by bulpittw
    Yes, been following all of the comments about the website changes, good and bad, thanks. I also spent yesterday at Gilwell and, amongst other things, met Stephen who has recently ben appointed AD Digital - and has the task of making the website fit for purpose+...
    I totally appreciate that Compass must be taking priority right now... however, I presume there's plenty of other projects happening in parallel. So, I was just wondering if we could have some indication/update on the Website strategy please? Especially as the project to improve the content/functions of was potentially of great interest and could've offered many practical day-to-day benefits to grass roots leaders.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Neil,

    Many thanks, Compass is indeed a priority as you say but there are also other projects ongoing (a few are being delayed to ensure we properly support Compass). On Dixie specifically, we circulated the under-mentioned update on 12th November, in essence saying that "project Dixie as such had been closed". By coincidence, my team received a progress report from Alexis Cheshire, our CIO mentioned in the update on Saturday. Work on the website is focussed on the Want to Join facility and linking it with Compass and the search functionality. There will also be some digital options for the programme refresh to be launch later this month.

    Dear Members,
    Developing The Scout Association’s website ( for the public and members has been and continues to be extremely important forthe Association. A new content management system has been implemented toprovide a solid foundation and the “find a group” information and map resourcesfor potential volunteers and parents was launched (internally this workprogramme has been known as Project Dixie). The next stage of development has beenthe restructuring of the members’ resources area, which has run into difficulties in recent times. This work was intended to make finding information easier.

    For a number of reasons, the work has been delayed several times and due to the rapidly changing needs and capabilities of our users, the developed system asit stands today does not deliver the benefits originally sought. Digital andonline services need to adapt and evolve quickly, and the delays to the projecthave meant that the needs of our users are further ahead than our currentdeveloped system. Having taken advice and as part of a wider review into ouroverall Digital Strategy, we have considered the options and it has beendecided to close this project.

    We recognise how frustrating this news will be for people and apologise for that. The need is still as strong as ever to support our members in theirvolunteering roles, to be able to find information online easily and quickly,and access this information through most used channels including mobile.

    We will now:
    Commence a new assessment and business case on the needs of members for digitaltools and services, informed by the development of a digital strategy by ournewly-appointed Chief Information Officer

    The Programme launch will continue as planned in January, andthe digital strategy will go to Committee for approval in the first quarter of2015.
    Establish a new project with the new mandate. We will aim to reuse as much workas possible that has been done so far.

    Learnlessons from the closure of the project including tightening projectgovernance, clear roles and responsibilities, and developing a volunteersSpecial Interest Group.
    Continue to keep the current members website up-to-date
    Wayne Bulpitt

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    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm sure there'll be plenty of people eagerly watching (and hopefully helping) on here.


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