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Thread: Google

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    I am having some problems with Google lately as I use a search function (kindly given to me by Rich) that uses Google and then the results are shown on our website template (I hope you understand that).

    The problem is that the results that it is giving are mainly made up of the old website, so now it is just returning 404 errors, as the pages that appear on the search are not on the server.

    I have tried several times to remove it from Google using there removal tool, and every time I did it, there were no problems. I have also used robot.txt files it no avail. I have tried the removal tool again tonight and i got this response

    "The web server has given us a redirection but has not provided a final destination. The "Location: " HTTP header is missing."

    I am getting rather annoyed with it now . So I am asking if anybody out there that knows what to do, and would be able to help me.

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    You need google to re-crawl your website. If you put the following in the head section of your website, it should frequently visit it every 2 days.

    <meta name="revisit-after" content="2 days" />
    (The above is valid XHTML)

    EDIT: Just looked at your site, you have two revisit-afters, this is conflicting the search, get rid of both of them and use the above code to make it revist after 2 days.
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    thanks for your help.

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