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Thread: Beavers Galore

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    If there are any potential Beavers that cant join as their local Colony is full then Reay Beavers in Caithness, Scotland has plenty of space. Last night I had 3 turn up and week before just 2. Normally we have 8 but lot going on at this time of year. Its almost just as hard to run a meeting with 2 as it is with 22.

    Happy Christmas everyone

    Ian Pearson
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    Just an update on this thread. You will recall that we started a second colony 4 and a bit years ago and we run them back to back. Now, for the first time since then, both of our Colonies are full. Its a difficult situation as we are the only Group for miles and we have to now think seriously about a 3rd Colony (and of course a 3rd Cub Pack as well).
    Doubling up seemed like a big deal at the time but we have gone from 23 to 48 in just 4 years and so it looks like we have to do it again. We do not want to run with a waiting list, that is just the wrong thing.
    Are you all seeing a surge in demand as well?

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    Our Colony has had a waiting list for years but the number of Beaver age kids on it now is getting a bit out of hand, in fact there is nearly an entire Colony of Beaver age kids on there and that is without the 7 year olds which have been transfered to the Pack waiting list. Unfortunately we have a new teams running both Beavers and our Cub Pack (BSL been in place about 18 months and CSL just taken over this summer) and I have only just taken over as GSL so would prefer to find my feet before starting to look at opening additional Sections which would require a large amount of additional recruitment of adults given we only have enough Leaders to run the exisitng Colony and Pack and none of the Assistants would want to become Section Leaders.

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    We also have two colonies and two cubs packs and have an 'of age' waiting list to fill another whole colony - however we have a/ no more Beavers leaders b/ no more Cub leaders ansd c/ no more nights in the hut!

    BSL/ADC Beavers.

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