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Thread: Annual Membership Fee 2016

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    Annual Membership Fee 2016

    This year is the last year that the Annual Membership Fee will be payable for adult members.

    We've been told that the change to only charging for youth members (excluding Scout Network) is to be cost neutral, and so I suspect we are all expecting to see a significant increase next year in the Membership Fee payable for each youth member.

    Clearly some Groups have a higher adult to child ratio than others, plus some Districts and Counties have more adults than others, plus the addition of SAS and Scout Network members to the equation. So some Groups may gain financially from the change, and others will end up paying more.

    POR 3.48c requires Groups to "ensure that proper financial planning and budgetary control is operated within the Group".

    So, what should we all be budgeting for each youth member for the HQ element of the 2016 Annual Membership Fee?

    Presumably we can all look forward to a decrease in District and County levies as this will no longer need to pay Adult Membership Fees for District and County teams etc.

    Thank you


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    Hi Paul,

    Communication is presently being undertaken with Counties/Areas (through local meetings) which aims to ensure the last point you make is achieved (and which we expect to be the case).

    Open communications are scheduled from Spring once this years census is out of the way to avoid any confusion.

    Many thanks,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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