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    Event Shelter

    We are looking at investing in an Event Shelter to take to Fun days etc. We will using our Mess Tent for camps etc.

    I was wondering if I should purchase Sunwalls?

    What do other groups do?

    Thank you

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    Hi Pauline

    if sunwalls are the zip on sides to the event shelter, then we have found them quite useful in reducing but not entirely eliminating the risk of the shelter lifting off on windy days.

    The scout shop version comes with its own walls included in the price but the poles are more fiddly than colemans.

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    The Colemans are ok. but double lash them down as they fly like concorde in even a light wind. The tees and cross pieces are also rather weak and if it rains they tend to sag terribly. We had bought 4 two years ago and we are now down to two, with a few poles to use as spares. As long as you are prepared for them to last 2-3 seasons then they are an ok roomy shelter.

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    We have two Colemans. They are fantastic and never had any problems in wind. They are still intact.

    We have sunwalls and they are very useful. We also have the joiner that allows you to connect two together and stop water coming down the middle.

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    We have a coleman event shelter.

    We borrowed a Coleman Deluxe Event Shelter for the Be Prepared event this year from a local group.

    The Deluxe version did seem more solid, but took over twice as long to put up as our own standard event shelter. However because of the domed shape, most of the water that did leak in seemed to run down the inside of the walls rather than drip.

    All in all, they are worth the relatively low price. They are not a replacement for a mess tent or marquee at camp, but for day events and "occaisional" extra covered space they are great, and I can see them working well as a dining shelter.

    We managed to get dry weather this year so don;t know how waterproof the deluxe is. Last year the standard event shelter coped well with light to medium rain, and (with 4 pegs in each foot, and the supplied guys pegged down with wooden patrol tent pegs) it also coped well with gusts of wind. It did let some water in during a very heavy shower though.

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