Each module has a set of criteria against which the module can be assessed against.

Here's a massive guide to all the modules...

Personally, I would say if your wife agrees it with her TA, that she could spend an evening going through the module validation criteria, and showing that she knows/has done them. For example, when I did my manager modules, I sat down with the guide and, well, for example...

21. Growing the movement

To validate this module the learner will need to:
■ explain to a Training Adviser the role that they play in the recruitment and retention of young people
and adults, and the importance of development planning within Scouting
And complete two of the following:
■ produce and implement a Group/District/County development plan
■ demonstrate the use of public relations or marketing to support the growth of Scouting
■ review and implement methods to improve the successful transfer of young people from one
section to another
■ describe how they are being flexible and meeting the needs, wants and time commitments of adults
in their Group/District/County. Explain the benefits that this has given to their section or Group in
recruiting and retaining adults
■ describe the steps they have taken to recruit and/or retain young people
■ describe the six-step approach and outline how they have used it to recruit, support and retain
■ describe a change management strategy and outline how they have used it in Scouting to grow the
■ any other ideas, subject to agreement with a Training Adviser

So my notes may have said something like
1. Explorers "bring a friend", putting on a programme wanted by the kids, talking to my friends about explorers, welcoming back ex explorers, opening new unit, make it fun for adults too.
2. News articles
3. Scout section linking meetings

Repeated for all the modules, so then I went to the TA, and we talked through each module, and they got validated based on my notes. If I had no evidence for a module, I would have had to have done training for it.