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Thread: Monopoly Run "Live" 16

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    Lightbulb Monopoly Run "Live" 16

    It's that time of the year where I drop a few hints!

    Bookings for next years Monopoly Run "Live" are now open, and are being taken here - We have number of different options for the day with varying prices, more details on this can be found here -

    For people who don't know how our Run works; You actually play the game whilst traveling round London. As you progress through the day you have the option to buy and also having to rent properties, as well as receiving chance cards and also passing go. Last year was our biggest year so far and we are once again expecting teams from all round the UK to join us. We have also added some new elements to make the day even more interactive.

    This years Run is on the 5th March 2016, cut of is 2nd Feb 2016.

    Hope to see you next year.

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    Sorry to drag an old thread up, but time is now ticking for bookings on this years Monopoly Run. At the time of typing there are 26 days left until bookings close.

    It's a great day around London and this year we have teams coming from Wales, North Scotland, Ireland as well as groups from closer afield. It would be great to see some Escout'ers on this years Run, in the past we have seen some teams from Escouts along with a visit from Lake_Stu.

    Bookings are being taken here -

    For more information about the Run check out our main website (, or our twitter/facebook - or

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    There is still time to book onto The Live Monopoly Run on the 5th of March 2016!

    The Live Monopoly Run involves Scouts and Guides racing around London visiting the actual locations on the Monopoly game board, such as Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street. Teams compete against each other in real time to buy and rent property, pick up 'Chance' cards as well as passing 'Go'. There is even a quiz to play on the day for bonus credit.

    The event is a great a day out in the exciting capital with your group competing against teams from around the country to see who will be this year's Monopoly champion!

    Our last run saw over 850 Scouts and Guides from all over the country take part. For more information and to book your place before the deadline date of 12-02-2016 visit

    Look forward to seeing you there!

    Monopoly Run Live Leam



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