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Thread: Compass Report

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    I don't think you've missed anything and I'd be surprised if its ever released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediamanager View Post
    To some extent I'm not particularly bothered about any report - I've had ample to moan about in the past and it's no secret that earlier this year it was one of the factors that resulted in my time out of the movement.

    Whatever the content I'm sure most Scouters will be more concerned that whatever returns is up to a usable standard.
    me too not sure I am yet 'back in' we shall see!

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    Now let's think about this in contract law terms. I suspect we are highly unlikely to see any report and I recon we won't see any further development of compass for a while.

    If we assume that the board have been unhappy with the supplier of compass and have entered negotiations or even may be heading for dispute resolution or even going legal. The last thing you would do as a client is want to put information into the public domain. For fear of destroying your reasons for a claim or allow the contractor claim unfairness. Also neither party would commit to any changes or development. That's why I recon we won't see yp in anytime soon.

    I think we must assume there is a claim in hand as the board would be failing if they didn't considering the delivery of compass was such a failure and potentially could have really damaged our brand.
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    I hope that you are right and that TSA are trying to recover the situation with minimal further financial outlay - that would be a good reason for not sharing some elements of the report. It is worrying that HQ appear not to be using the system themselves (see Awards thread). I think what most of us were hoping for was a statement from the trustees about a) how they managed the requirements capture and procurement, and b) what lessons they have learnt for future major investment projects to avoid the shambles which occurred. Blame is not the issue more avoiding catastrophe again.
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    I just want to be sure that those leading the association understand just how inappropriate the whole rollout of Compass was - and the lack of respect shown for the grassroots leader.

    There was no carrot but an awful lot of stick.

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    regardless I still can't help but think it's unacceptable to not publish this after repeatedly saying they would, without so much as a "sorry but we're not publishing it after all because..."

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