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Thread: Re Duty to the Queen

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    I have an idea, and please bear with me, its only an idea...

    In today's modern society, it seems to me, if we are to have a directly elected as opposed to hereditary head of state/president...

    Could we not every five years take an aggregation of all winners from realty TV shows (including The Voice, Big Brother, X factor, The Apprentice, Bake Off - basically any show that has the public voting and recognised professionals sitting in judgement...) We would then have a sort of Hunger Games type event including trials in all the various disciplines from the shows - all non-fatal of course (I'm not a complete barbarian) to decide who gets the top job?

    They'd have no power of course, they'd be a figurehead and diplomat representing the best of British, meeting foreign dignitaries, having tea with them and otherwise being completely apolitical.

    Mary Berry works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
    Didn't somebody say once, "the purpose of the monarchy is not the power that the monarchy has, but the power that it denies to others".

    No squabbling over the minor advantage that getting your man elected as President (or Supreme Court Judge) might bring. And having seen three coups d'etat first hand, and the consequences, I'm rather pleased that our army is loyal to the Queen.
    Given the bitterness that my American cousins all hold at times when "their" candidate is not successful, I think this nails the reason why a monarchy works

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
    Didn't somebody say once, "the purpose of the monarchy is not the power that the monarchy has, but the power that it denies to others".
    with my well-known limited knowledge and poor recall of memory, i don't have a clue who said this!

    but if i had to have a wild guess?

    sir anthony jay

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    Irregardless of your views about the Queen personally your duty is actually to the Crown, and no not the physical lump of gold and gems on show to the tourists in the Tower of London but the legal entity, not that dissimilar to the way a company exists legally, called The Crown...

    I for one am glad it exists as an apolitical source of continuity between governments and while general policy is dictated by the government the implementation is somewhat seperate.
    (don't mention the policy of administration or the administration of policy for that matter)

    Anyone who is not prepared to do their duty to the Crown and therfore the Queen is more than welcome to take thee first flight, ferry or eurostar out of the country
    ACSL (Bagheera)
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