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Thread: Ratios guidance

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    Ratios guidance

    Hi Wayne, with all the recent uproar about ratios and the (i presume unintended) consequences that making the rules mandatory would cause issues if they were interpreted to the strictest possible meaning.....
    (thanks for listening by the way and postponing the changes)

    Can I suggest that a factsheet is created. Not to reiterate the existing rules but to give some guidance and examples of how to apply the ratios to every day scouting....

    Eg.... I have 7 beavers, 14 cubs and 17 scouts plus 3 YLs on a day trip how many leaders do I need?
    (i would say 7 but other leaders have told me 8 or 9)

    What about if we are splitting into smaller groups, to go around? how does it work ....

    What about a leader leaving camp to go to the supermarket?

    Hopefully this would clear up the confusion that currently exists and remove the ridiculous amounts of gold plating that some people insist on to ensure that they are covered no matter how strictly you interpret things that ends up with needing as mane leaders as YP to do anything.
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    Good idea, have passed onto the team.
    Many thanks.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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