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Thread: Names in Atlantic

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    Names in Atlantic

    Hello Wayne

    I am a District Appointment Secretary and have recently noticed a couple of anomolies on both Compass and Atlantic.

    The Compass one I have voiced my thoughts about on the Compass Site so this message is Atlantic concerned.

    We have a number of adults who have surnames with a hyphen in them and when I have recently created a DBS renewal in Compass then gone into Atlantic to allow it to email the applicant to select their documents, I was faced with the message that the hyphen is an 'illegal' character.

    I emailed the Info centre and I could not believe their reply, which I have pasted below.

    HQ reply:
    The only way to progress forward would be to amend Emma’s surname temporarily, removing the hyphen.
    This will not affect the disclosure and barring service checks, and will continue the process normally.

    Once the DBS is complete we can amend Emma’s name back to include the hyphen.

    End Quote.

    Surely, this cannot be the way forward in these situations where I have to ask HQ to change a surname to allow the DBS request to be sent then changed back later?

    Please speak with the necessary people and have this changed as we shouldn't have to be doing this.

    Thanks for your time.


    West Yorks

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    Many thanks David, we are aware of this particular bug, which Atlantic Data are resolving. In the meantime, the workaround suggested allows you to process disclosures.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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