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Thread: Award Citations

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    Award Citations

    Hi Wayne,

    It was great to see so many people recognised in the St George’s Day Awards List that was published recently. After resorting to Google to find out what a few of the recipients had done, I wondered if TSA could publish some of the citations.

    My thought is that these individuals have either done something heroic or are embodiments of best practice. Either way I think it would be great if their actions were more widely known.

    How much better if, when running a Cubs Fire Safety evening, you used the scenario of Ashley Beach’s actions, when the Cub Scout got his family to safety when his house was on fire, to make the subject personal to them. Or using Luke Charlton-Wood’s example during a Level 1 First Aid session, where the Beaver Scout kept a cool head to call 999 when his mother collapsed. When conducting a Group planning meeting it would be great to be able to use a recent Silver Acorn citation as a source of ideas too.

    Obviously there would be the issue of consent, but if publication only happened after the recipient’s (or parents’) permission was given I would have thought it would be ok. As an afterthought, it might also encourage other Groups and Districts to nominate their volunteers too!

    What do you think?


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    Hi Greg,

    Very many apologies for missing this earlier.

    I like the idea of incorporating some of the real life Scouting examples in the training materials, obviously a little easier for the gallantry and meritorious conduct awards than good service and will share this with the team for consideration.

    The wholesale publication of citations however is very difficult due to the volume. We have however sought to continually improve the annual SGA magazine supplement to provide some highlights of individuals and also incorporate in the magazine periodically.

    Many thanks for the suggestion,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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