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Thread: tracking changes

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    tracking changes

    Dear Wayne,
    I have just had one of those frustrating evenings, where emails were flying around wasting everyone time. This was caused as someone spotted that fact sheet ac120902 had been updated to edition 5 in may this year. The reader thought that there had been a major change. Luckily I have a paper copy of edition 4 I cannot see any change of significant nature.

    All this could be avoided if every fact sheet or document had a title block, and a descriptor of the changes with a note specifying if they are significant or not. I would also like to see the name of the author and approver on each document so they could easdly be contacted if any clarification is needed.

    Maybe in addition once a month a document list could be published listing changed or new/reviewed documents, as even though I am involved in kayaking I was not made aware that this document was updated.

    None of this is anything you don't expected to find in any organisation in this day and age.
    Paul Austin
    Kent Scouts SASU Water team
    G0AXQ, intrests in Scouting, Cycling, Hiking, anything on the water. seeing the young people achive.

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm grateful to the team for providing the following explanation. "About 10 years ago the detailed update processes forfactsheets was simplified (removing the paragraph identifications for areawhich had been updated) and we moved to simply having versions on the pageslisted.

    Within activities we have a large number of these type ofdocuments and so put in place an updates page ( which lists what was being updated in each launch etc. Over the years we have tried to make this more useful but still without giving specific word changes etc as this would take up a huge amount of space.

    Last year we also introduced version control of our factsheet webpages (this is for pages of the website which used to be downloadable factsheets but now content sits on the web) and lists when the page was published and what page it replaced.

    We hold a full back catalogue of activities factsheets in the office if requested.

    In the specific case that Paul refers to we are clear on our updates page that this is simply replacing BCU for British Canoeing, this was the only amend made."

    Hope this helps Paul.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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