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Thread: Jamboree 2015 report

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    Jamboree 2015 report

    Dear Wayne

    I have read the extract that was released and I’m afraid that it does not answer most of my questions (below).

    I should be grateful if you would please clear these up for me.

    I’ve been prompted to write to you by the recent publication of our County Unit’s report (which I did not write!)

    It includes the following:
    “The Tokyo Live event was a big disappointment. The hall was double booked and the event closed down whilst the issue was being sorted out. The Unit were given 1 token each for food, a dessert and a game with no option of getting more, paying for food or activities or even having a go when it was empty. Half the advertised events were not there. The UKC were not visible but were found in a café by the entrance to the site. Everyone left early”
    This wasn’t mentioned at all in the Contingent report, in line with the general “pretty much everything was fine and great and the next team should do exactly what we did because it all worked brilliantly” tone throughout.

    I have asked for no names so there’s no reason why I and all of the other participants shouldn’t have this information.

    Reference has previously been made to “commercial sensitivity” but again this is no reason for not answering my questions, especially when the only supplier involved is Scout Shops with (as I understand it) no other competitors being allowed.

    We (the participants) have handed over our money even though we had no written agreement or guarantee that we would actually go to the event, nor any terms and conditions that told us how it might be decided that we were no longer to be allowed to go. I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to ask questions about how our money was spent, and how decisions were made on our behalf, and to have those questions answered.

    And yes, there are people other than me who would like to know the answers!

    Thanks in advance.


    • Please publish the full accounts for the event, including a breakdown of expenditure on each item of equipment. (The event had a turnover of over £10 million, more than many businesses who would be obliged to publish their accounts.)
    • Why are the participants not given the choice about what happens to their portion of the surplus that has been generated? We have not agreed to the “formula” (I doubt whether any participant knew of its existence, let alone what it was) and some people might need the money.
    • Who supplied the faulty batch of Contingent badges? (I don’t want anyone to waste money with them.)
    • Why do Scout Shops continually provide sub-standard equipment?
    • Why do we continue to use Scout Shops (who have a track record of failure and poor quality both with Jamborees and our everyday needs) at all? The uniform that they supply is not even a consistent size and they are very poor at planning (eg “Cubs 100” merchandise was not available until mid-February, and then went straight out of stock.)
    • If “We want to provide top quality products for events such as the Jamboree” why do we not get branded items from a reputable supplier?
    • What efforts (if any) were made to obtain sponsorship, either financial or material?
    • Was there any discussion about offering a “basic” option, including only limited kit such as the scarf? This would ease the financial burden for those who are less able to afford to attend and also allow others to use their existing kit, which may be of better quality and is a greener option.
    • There were a number of items which were clearly not essential expenditure (eg feather flags for internal advertising, origami flyers at the Reunion, IST sub camp badges, countdown calendars.) Why was this money not spent on equipment?

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    Hi Andrew,

    I'm reminded of a conversation you and I had on the Training Ground one Gilwell Reunion when, amongst other things, I observed that no matter what we publish in this regard we would never satisfy a small number of people like yourself

    I can't comment on the selective quote you have provided from your County Unit and would need to understand if this is the view of one person who wrote it, or many. Also the context of the wider report and feedback.

    I can tell you that the Operations Committee very rigorously challenged the UK Contingent Team on its review, sending it back after initial consideration for further information/clarification etc. before finally accepting the revised report.

    The reality is that you are one of over 4,000 "opinions" and, as such, decisions have to be made which are highly unlikely to please all of the people all of the time. I do believe however that we have got better, and of course can be better still, at ensuring we have the processes and structures to at least please most of the people most of the time. Occasionally the unrealistic requests or demands of a small number of people have a disproportionate cost and resource impact on others, and so lines have to be drawn.

    Many thanks,
    Wayne Bulpitt

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