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Thread: A Scout always does his best

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    A Scout always does his best

    Good evening

    I was surprised to see your picture as I traveled home on the train!

    Can I say a big thank you for putting so much back into Scouting - there have things which you might have liked to have gone better but other things that have been really great, so take a pat on the back!

    John Alexander,
    ASL and Assistant Webmaster
    1st Weald Brook
    ESL(YL) Brentwood District

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    Many thanks John, a little ironic that having successfully kept my "day job" and Scouting separate at least in public, I faltered in the last week courtesy of a creative business journalist in August!

    More on the reflections over the next couple of days no doubt, but thank you again for your kind words.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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