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    Thank you

    May I just take this opportunity to thank everybody through EScouts for their support and friendship. Long may our Movement be one where we can have different views, ideas and solutions; share them with passion in debate and occasionally agree to differ on the outcome but 'shake hands' and continue to have mutual respect.

    For me, EScouts has always been a forum that lives by those values on the whole, in large part thanks to Richard and the team who lead by example and for which I've been honoured to participate and promote.

    Thank you and best wishes for the future.
    Wayne Bulpitt

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    Thank you to you Wayne for everything you have done - and answering our questions on here!

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    Thank you for all your support. Wishing you all the best in your future endevours.
    All posts represent my own opinions only. In no way do they speak for anyone else, including (but not limited to) my group, district, county or HQ.

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    And thanks to you for being so easily accessible on here, and for taking the time to reply to our questions. Some of those questions must have felt quite frustrating for you at times but you never failed to come back.
    All the best

    He who receives a good turn should never forget it; he who does one should never remember it.

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    Thank you Wayne for a lot of support and an incredible amount of hard work! I didn't get the chance to say thank you in person at the weekend (every time we passed you were deep in conversation) but I really hope you get the chance to enjoy a bit of a break before moving on to the next challenge!

    It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

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    Huge thank you to you Wayne, you have been a breath of Fresh air, and have made a real positive impact at the top of UK Scouting

    Thank you so much for answering all those many questions on Escouts, it really has made a difference to someone at the top of Scouting who is as easy to communicate with and help you navigate what is a complex organisation, on the whole run by volunteers.

    You've also made such a huge effort to been seen around the whole of the uk, when I have spoke with you face to face, its been in Scotland!

    We all wish you well for the future ;-)

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    Thanks for all your hard work Wayne, both here and in scouting in genreral.

    Best of luck in the future.

    SL 81st St Bartholomews (South Belfast)

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    thank you and my best wishes

    going...going...still here...just

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    Wayne, thank you for all your hard work and, above all, your willingness to discuss any matter as openly as possible and to take on board the views of the grass roots. Every organisation, volunteer-run or otherwise would do well to do the same.

    My particular thanks go to you for your efforts to save the Little Books of Badge Requirements. They are thriving, and they are a wonderful example of what can come from the grass roots to benefit the whole movement. "Top-down" is not always the best solution and you recognised that.

    I wish Tim Kidd the best of luck in his new role. I have used his video featuring the Duchess of Cambridge to great effect for recruitment, so more resources along the same lines would be very welcome.

    My best wishes to you.
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    Akela, 1st Tylers Hill

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    Gilwell Reunion....

    Have just finished checking that all the northern Scouting folk have gone home......!!!

    It is a concern as the price of our property drops....over that week-end

    When I saw you, having to wait by the burger van I knew this was the first reminder of your new lack of status within Scouting......

    I did stay for some of Tim's talk about himself after the Scout's Own etc on Sunday....although I popped home three times as he went on and on and on ..........

    Tim said he thought people take Scouting too seriously ......???

    " He must be joking Wayne ? "

    Thank You


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    Wayne, Thanks for all your hard work and for cracking open the doors at Gilwell a bit more.

    You've had some 'interesting times' to work through - hope you get a mo to put your feet up.

    I'm glad I had time to meet you at the Southern GSL conference those years back in Slough and say hello.

    Don Tregartha
    Old Scouter
    1st Wing Scouts


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