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Thread: MS Office 365 Nonprofit: How do you use yours?

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    MS Office 365 Nonprofit: How do you use yours?

    I'm looking seriously at Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials for our Group and was wondering how other Group's use this to best effect.

    I'm looking for ideas on how to get the best out of it, and how to avoid repeating others' mistakes.

    Could any users give me some hints and tips on what they find good (or bad) please?

    Also, how do Groups choose to use the various parts? I don't mean step-by-step technical setup but in what ways do you use it for the benefit of the users in a Group?

    Which apps do you find useful / not useful?

    How do you choose to setup and use email e.g.users, groups, distribution lists, aliases, etc?

    How do you use the calendar?

    How do you use OneDrive, SharePoint, etc, etc?


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    We've implemented Google Apps for nonprofits years back but almost exclusively use it for email a mixture of email being forwarded to personal accounts and a couple who actually use their mailbox to reply to email.

    The most useful is our treasurer's mailbox which provides us with a complete archive of all of our PayPal payments - most subs and camp fess are collected this way.

    I realise this isn't O365 but if it were utilised more I would consider migrating across as it is the use of it is so minimal its not worth the effort to move.

    Hope this is of use
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    We use O365

    Each leader had an outlook email address on the group domain (e.g. [email protected]). We also use shared mailboxes, mailing lists, etc.

    All can access them via O365 online, outlook app on phones, or outlook on a PC, although a few leaders prefer to forward the emails to their personal email accounts. Myself and my AGSL both live on Outlook all the time any way so really use the shared mailbox functions etc to run the group.

    We use onedrive very heavily for file storage and sharing.

    The computer in the Scout Hall is set up using the next level up of license (can't remember whats its called now but it costs about 15 a year and gives us the full suite of office programmes

    It is a little bt of a faff to set up but once up and running its brilliant.

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