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Thread: What we did at explorers last night...

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    Our Explorers cooked a two course meal last week, the first course was fine but bland as depsite a shelf full of herbs and spices in our food shelf. However the chocolate cake for afters was yummy and would have just about been ready on time is some muppet had not turned the oven off and then back on to gas mark 4 with no flames (and no gas due to the FFD) so it was not obvious the oven was off.

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    Wednesday night...
    "It's the circle of life,
    it's the wheel of pringles"!

    And also pontoon with shreddies as gambling chips!

    Last night, tie dye using a dip dye technique. Seemed to work well. When I got there an explorer was trying to wash dye off their bare feet.

    Oh, and there's a thing called "Gift Your Gear"*, we looked through some stuff we got donated. Now have some more sleeping bags and a rucksack and holdall we can lend out.

    * It's on that facebook. The post messages with stuff like "4 man tent available in Basingrad, collection only", and if you are a leader in a youth group, and need a 4 man tent, and you live near enough to Basingrad to make it worth reply and say "me please!".
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    Out in the local woodlands for some “leave no trace” fires and dough twists. Great fun!

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    We’re well into our summer term, all completely planned and run by the Explorers (we’ve finally got them into a position where leaders are now just supporting them and organising one or two meetings a term).

    Last night was was a devilishly difficult assault course in and around the HQ. Had to prompt the explorer leading it to do a dynamic risk assessment, and no major injuries thankfully!

    Then asked them them all to write a couple of lines to give to our district DESC for the AGM update. I didn’t change anything they wrote and copied it word for word, shared it with them on our Facebook group, and I thought I’d share it here for interest.

    Some clear steers on more camps and district link up. Interesting because district events aren’t well attended and we leaders are struggling with doing more camps than we do currently (once term usually, plus many others organised by others like Gilwell, district camp, and as young leaders on scout and cub camps). I think the Yorkshire challenge is great, but struggling to find the time as leaders to camp once every few weeks!! 2170A5E2-3775-499C-876C-750825481AFF.jpeg

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