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Thread: Leaving Certificates?

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    Leaving Certificates?

    As with most sections we get Scouts who leave either because they don't want to move up to Explorers, other interests etc.

    It seems a shame, particularly if they have started as a Beaver that their "scouting length of service" isn't recognized by a certificate of sorts and I was thinking of making one...
    Has anyone done this alrerady and what wording did you use/ Or if you already have a certificate like this, if I ask nicely would you send me a copy?
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    We have never thought of doing anything like that - in all honesty if they leave they more often than not "drift away" and we only find they've left when we email the parents to ask why we havent seen them for a couple of weeks.

    We do however give them (emailed as a PDF) a copy of their record from OSM - mainly so if they end up rejoining scouting anywhere in the future they have stuff like their badge records. Obviously that includes their "joining in" badges and i think it also shows their start date.

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    Muzzy resources do them for Beavers and Cubs, not sure about Scouts. As a parent, leaving certificates are just another bit of paper..

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    It's not something we do as a group, but we have recently instigated a 'roll of honor' board to remember Beavers who have linked to Cubs. It's a board filled with shield-shaped pieces of paper with a first name and the date they left us.
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    As above, we we have 2 types of leavers, the ones that drift away & the ones that move away.

    I've stopped doing leaving certificates. i don't think the SA do them anymore & it's just another thing to remember.

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    we would likely hand out twice as many of these certificates as we do badges.

    from my few years in scouting i tend to find that those who leave like to make a clean break: decision made, leave, job done. not sure that any one of them would want a reminder to stick on the wall., okay maybe with the exception of those who leave to move on to explorers.

    while on this point of leaving, if someone does leave (other than to move-on to explorers...) would you contact them to: 1. find out why they left; or 2. to ask/beg them to return; or 3. both?

    i like just 1. i wouldn't do 2 or 3 but some people do them.

    i have only ever had one young person quit and then return at a later date. what would i do in that instance: ask for the certificate back!?

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    Little annoys me more than the kid who disappears and parents don't even bother to tell you why. But I don't usually chase for an answer because I usually already know. In fact thinking about it I can't remember one that wasn't essentially because he was joining the 'too cool for scouts' group at school. It doesn't happen very often anyway and no point in worrying about it because these are the ones I'm not bothered about losing.

    Do get a few genuine leavers, ie into other clubs, moving away. These are the ones you don't generally like to lose and they will let you know politely.

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    Normally, the leavers tend not to tell you they are leaving. They just stop coming. It is their mates who tell you.

    Like Dr_Pepper, you usually know why they are leaving. The onhe that stunned me was a Scout who had been with us since beavers, a great kid, and one that everyone got on well with. He decided one night that it was time for him to "come out". He had guts, he stood in front of the Troop and made an announcement that he was gay.

    He didn't get the response that he expected. No-one gave a toss. Yeah, okay, we knew that already. Dodgeball anyone?

    He was patently upset that he had built himself up for the big reveal, and everyone already knew anyway - I think he felt judged in some way and quit despite what actually was a very supportive peer group.

    It was the one departure that surprised me. He had friends, he was one of the in-crowd, he was well liked, he was accepted and not one single sarcastic comment was made about his declaration. Apparently he also cut himself off from people at school as well though, so perhaps he was not as comfortable with his big reveal as he thought he might be.
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    We usually find that if a child has left, they just stop coming to meetings and it's only learnt about 2 or 3 weeks later when we call the parent to ask what's up. Leaving certificates would likely just be treated as another piece of paper and shoved in a folder somewhere if you're lucky - or in a bin if you're not.

    For Beavers who continue on into Cubs, we do have a "Swimming Up" ceremony where the Beaver swims under a blue linen sheet (symbolising the river) up to the BSL who then presents them to the CSL. The former Beaver's name is then sewn on to the river, along with the date of their Swimming Up.

    It was started back in about 1995, shortly after our Group's Colony formed, but the first "river" was lost - the parent of the leaving Beaver always took the river home to sew on their child's name and Swimming Up date, and eventually one of the parents just somehow lost it at home. The replacement "river" has been going since about 2002 and the BSL always sews on the info herself now. It still isn't close to being running out of space!
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