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Thread: Cool boxes

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    Cool boxes

    Hi all, any recommendations please for brand and size of cooler boxes for a weekend camp of 24 scouts.

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    Big Coleman cool boxes. 69 litres I think.

    Freeze what you can and you will still have cold food on the third day of a camp in the height of summer.
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    We have 2 of these :-

    They are brilliant - if anything have to turn them down low to stop products freezing. We use one for raw meats and the other for everything else.
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    We tend to use 40l boxes and have one for each day of camp. For one they are easier to transport, and lift, and secondly by having one for each day they don't get opened every five minutes as people search for a new pint of milk, ensuring stuff inside stays frozen for longer. The icey teks 40l are about 135 each but are tough as old boots and have kept things frozen rock solid for four days at camps.

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    We use 12/240v electric coolboxes which we bought from Aldi a couple of years ago. They do pretty well for what we need (we never go more than about 48 hours at camp without fresh shopping) and even turned off they will keep stuff cool for ages. We bought them with every intention to rig them up to a 12v battery and solar panel and never got round to it! Instead the cooling system runs every time the generator is on. If we go offsite for a day we can put one in a vehicle and run it on 12v.

    We try to reduce the need to keep fresh food on camp for longer than necessary. As long as we have enough leaders someone will head off to a supermarket at least once every 2 days for fresh provisions. UHT milk doesnt taste as nice as fresh milk but its a good workaround for reducing the need to keep stuff cool.

    Its also worth considering what needs to be kept "cold" (ie milk, meats, etc) and what just needs to not get too warm and can therefore just go in a cheap cool box out of sunlight
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    Thanks David, look great and sure they do a job but rather pricey!

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    Possibly stating the obvious but if you are using a standard unpowered cool box, pre chilling them before you use them is important. At home we tend to freeze a couple of two litre bottles of water (old drink bottles are fine) and then put them in a cool box filled with cold tap water and leave that overnight before using it.

    Also the old beer festival trick of putting a wet towel over the box so that you get a bit of evaporative cooling going on can help as well.
    Does anyone know what's going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mang21 View Post
    Also the old beer festival trick of putting a wet towel over the box so that you get a bit of evaporative cooling going on can help as well.
    When I were a lad, that's how we kept the milk cool on camp. Crates kept in the shade with wet towels over them. Even better if they were stood in water. Yes, I believe we may even have kept some in the river. It usually lasted two days. Except that one time we went to Wales and it was actually sunny*.

    * I jest of course, I quite often got a quite a tan on camp, even in Wales. Then I got home and scrubbed it all off in the bath.
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    Takes me back to my girl guiding stays of milk in a water bucket with tea towel as the wick. Didn't think scouts did this. Like the idea of freezing water bottles first to chill box

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