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Thread: Sexual abuse in cadets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Ransley View Post
    No doubt you are correct Ewan not sure this happened in the Saville case thought.

    My only concern is not that there was historical sexual abuse in the MOD Cadets that possibility exists in every youth organisation, Except The Woodcraft Folk, but why the MOD has paid out twenty times more compensation than the scouts, either they do not have the same insurance hurdles as we do or there really has been twenty times more abuse in one organisation than the other.

    I would imagine it comes to resources. The MoD is ultimately part of HM Government, an organisation with annual turnover of 600-700 billion. I imagine the lawyers involved see that and go for it. If you are on no win no fee it makes no sense to bankrupt the organisation you are suing as if they liquidate then you are going to be at back of the queue for assets. At the front will be the banks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingstonCubber View Post
    According to the article on the BBC site, one family reported it to their Cadet group and were discouraged from reporting it to the police. If the Cadets were discouraging parents from reporting abuse to the police and then failing to deal appropriately with the alleged perpetrator then this would clearly be a systemic failure. While it's easy to get cynical about the media attention, let's face it, many organisations have been pretty slow to act without that pressure.
    Playing devil's advocate (including the usual caveats about absolutely not defending disgusting acts of abuse). Could the actions of these uniformed heavies be (partially) as a reaction to the way the press would report it?

    Were they not attempting to defend the otherwise good name of their organisation from a hostile press contingent, as opposed to defending (or covering up) the actions of some individual or a systemic failure in their own processes? (The horrid side effect of which was that victims did not get justice...)

    I know I seem to have gone round in a circle there, but I think my point stands, the press aren't going for the individuals, they're going for the organisations. While on the surface, the media can claim to be out for justice, I have no doubt they're also out for a salacious story in order to up their circulation. They also love to print those smug editorials about how they battled sexual predation (while publishing pictures of scantily clad teenage girls on other pages...)

    You would assume the BBC would be above these tabloid-like actions... But I don't think they are particularly...)

    I suppose my question in summary would be; the press assume that it is some systemic cover up that aids and abets the abusers , but is it not the organisation in question (as it collectively sees it anyway), just defending itself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CambridgeSkip View Post
    Interesting table of stats in that article.

    Sea Cadets, 28 complaints, 28 referred to police, 28 volunteers dismissed.

    Compare that to the Army and Air cadets.

    Sea cadets, as I understand it, have a looser connection with the armed forces compared to other two.
    HANG ON A MINUTE! I've just noticed something there are Four Cadet branches.

    Where are the Stats for the Combined Cadet Force the branch that the government has been pushing into state secondary schools ?

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