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    Scout Active Support


    Has anyone recruited Scout Active Support at the group level? How did this go

    Derek Chambers,

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    I think @BigBadBaloo's group did
    Jonathan Bloor
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    I called them Parents...

    If we ran an event where we needed extras, we were never short of helping hands. If I had asked them to become SAS I suspect many would have walked away. Odd thing people.
    Ewan Scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushfella View Post
    I called them Parents...

    If we ran an event where we needed extras, we were never short of helping hands. If I had asked them to become SAS I suspect many would have walked away. Odd thing people.
    Its the ones that are not parents where a Active Support role might help. So the parent of a former youth member that is still happy to come along and give a hand on events and fundraising. The former explorer who only helps when back from uni or with the occasional camp but is not interested in Network etc etc.

    We are certainly looking into setting upa Group Active Support Unit as we have quite a few former Explorer who this category would fit perfectly and we might keep hold of a few of the most supportive parents if they had a structure, however lose, to make it clear they can do this.

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    Now that adult membership fee has been abolished, it makes sense to me if you can find someone to 'organise' a Group SASU to encourage any adult who wants to stay in involved with the group. My old group had a number of loosely attached adults who had special skills, e.g. climbing, canoeing, shooting who did not want to become Leaders or Assistant Leaders -- we might have hung on to them longer if they had been a SASU member - who knows?
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    I am trying to establish a Group SAS. We have a lot of adults that are involved on a 'flexible' basis, some are ex-parents, some are ex-scouts, some are activity permit holders (e.g. kayaking etc.). At the moment these people get no recognition for the time that they give, which I think is a shame. I have found an SAS Manager and we have started getting out paddlesport permit holders appointed to the SAS.

    Once advantage of the SAS is that the adult can choose whether they wish to be uniformed or not. So, those that want to retain uniformed role do not have to be, artificially, connected to a section. It also means that adults who have to temporary step back from a weekly commitment do not loose their continuity of service (which matters to some people).

    It remains to be seen whether it works -but it is worth a try.

    All the best.


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    We had a very loose SAS in my old group - a number of parents who would help us out on pack night - a trio of dads who would always come on camp. It worked well as the nine or ten we had were all dbs' but didnt have the time or inclination to take the woggle so to speak, but were happy to help out on a night when we were cooking, or doing a short hike, and the 3 dads who came on camp, loved to muck in on the odd weekend, but didnt want to commit on a weekly basis. It works well as a halfway house for those that show an interest, we always looked after them , with thank you cards, and a case of beer for the campers, and it worked well for our cub pack.

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    We have a group SAS- all of whom are ex leaders who've stood down as their children moved on, or for work reasons (eg moving to night shift). Hasn't been very succesful until now, for a variety of reasons but 2 ex leaders who have just become SAS have offered to organise one of our group events next term (instead of me). I'm hoping to get them more involved with those events where they'll be a real asset and where knowing every member isn't essential.

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