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Thread: How to freak out your home contact

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    How to freak out your home contact

    So.... my scouts have just landed safely in Canada. Sadly I couldn't make it this time round but I am an old fashioned home contact for keeping parents up to date. This is a natural role as I did a lot of the admin before hand from collecting money to sorting out the international paper work to checking passports etc.

    Our leader in charge though managed to freak me out by sending me this photo from Gatwick. Why would it freak me out? 5 of our scouts hunkered down waiting for their flight to be called......

    Trouble is the scout top right is not meant to be on the trip! What the blazes was a scout I had no record of signing up, had no money in from, no permission form from, had no host family for the home hospitality leg for doing on the photo?

    Simple explanation, she happened to be passing through Gatwick with her family heading to a family holiday and had come over to sit with her friends while waiting. Should have been obvious but for about a minute I was one freaked out home contact thinking we had a stowaway.....

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    Haha needed a good laugh.

    Yep, think that would do it and give anyone a heart attack.
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    Nothing like that to get the blood flowing, at least your heart has had a good MOT!

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    Well done

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