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    We have 2 seperate stores, the stores in the back of the hall which contain all the games equipment and stuff that gets used at normal meetings and the attic that contains the camping stores and stuff that isn't used often.... Currently we don't have sufficient keys for the latter but we are working on putting a key for it in one of the cupboards in the other stores to which every section leader has access

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    We don't have a QM, all leaders have access to all kit and share responsibility for the kit.

    I can see a benefit in having a designated person responsible for maintaining kit but why as a group you would lock stuff away from section leaders is beyond me.

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    I can't add anything regarding the QM discussion, because we do things very differently, but the original discussion of how to stay connected while things change is something I'm going through right now. I stepped down as the scout leader the end of May. This past weekend I helped out on a planning campout and the new leader tossed something I was working hard on. That hurt and on Friday night in my tent I thought of this thread. What was I going to do? On Saturday I decided to at least have fun so I did. The scouts and I teased each other. They told me I was the ancient turtle in Kung Foo Panda (the wise one ). So once in a while I put in a bit of wisdom that seemed to help their planning. On Saturday night my mood was completely different. I just had to remind myself it's about the scouts.

    A lot of things may change but the main reason I'm in scouts, to help kids grow, is still there. I'll figure out some way to stay useful.

    Alan, maybe there are ways to help out other than be QM.

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