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Thread: Loosing Scouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftypete View Post
    A bit hard to do unless Scout Leaders share their Section with us and not sure how it works for more than one Section feeding into a single Section.
    Off topic but no.... They would just have to set your ESU as the "target" in their planning, which is possible. You can pick any section in OSM if you know the name of it, as the target. Where it would get painful is you can only target a given scout at one place, so if their are multiple units they could go to, it only works for one of them.

    That's sort of the whole point of the section planning.

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    Thanks for that, it is still a bit of a problem when we have 8 Units with some Troops sending kids to more than one Unit depending on meeting night suitability and spaces in the Units etc. Still might be useful for people to do it for our DESCs Unit so that he could have some idea of what Scouts in the District are coming up to Explorer age etc.

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    To be fair all my Scouts are on the automatic progression list via OSM so the explorer leaders can see who are due. Similarly I know when cubs are due up

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