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Thread: Unform worn at Troop meetings

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKRSL View Post
    I guess what I'm trying to explore* is, because the rules belong to TSA and not to us, whether "consistency" means that our attitude to following them says something to the Scouts about our attitude to rules in general. Of course, they won't know the rules in detail, but a Troop that never wears uniform except maybe at District events, in a uniformed organisation? No, it's not black and white, and we're clearly meant to use judgment (and let's face it, the Chief Scout often wears branded clothing rather than uniform).

    We don't seem to have that much trouble, as I may have said. We've one or two who consistently turn up when we're at some third-party place, and say, "Sorry, didn't realise you wanted uniform", when it was in the same note that told them where and when to be. But standards in the hall are generally good.

    * If I can be allowed to explore this without being seen as telling everyone what to do. I've already said I don't bother at some events, and don't enforce wearing of the official trousers.
    It;s all just chat, I never assume anyone is telling anyone else what to do.

    I don't think the rules do belong to TSA, because despite HQ's best efforts - we are TSA and we make the rules.

    I think there is so much variation between groups and how leaders do stuff, that what ever works - works. The way we do things with regard to uniform isn't perfect - I take the view, if you're going to do something, you may-as-well do it properly, so I at least insist that shirts are tidy (buttoned up and badges not hingin' aff), and neckers are folded properly. The woggle thing (I feel) should be up to the kids, it's their opportunity to demonstrate some flair.

    Back in the day when we did inspection we'd check belts were through loops, but we've not done that for ages. Like Bernwood said, we prefer to spend time on other stuff.

    In other news, invites for our district AGM have gone out. It has the standard line in there - 'Uniform is to be worn'. I've replied and suggested this might put folk off attending, personally - as an adult - being told to wear uniform is a wee bit patronising.

    But then, my standards - while consistent - are quite low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boballan View Post
    "I guess what I'm trying to explore* is, because the rules belong to TSA and not to us," and I always thought we were The Scout Association!! I find it really hard to understand this sort of statement. It does not exist without its members and we are the members.
    I agree with this, but I can see why some leaders look at it like that. Scouts is becoming more and more like some sort of franchise set-up where the core structure is really very distant (and becoming more so) from those at the coal face. But that is another thread, several threads, ummm, several threads that we've probably already had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKRSL View Post
    I don't think I'd want to go as far as the Guides, for whom I have great respect - but they've gone so far down the casual/activity route that it's hard to tell whether they are in uniform or not. However, their tradition of wearing blue on camp is a neat way of getting some coherence, if not uniformity, and looking like a single unit.
    Interesting - Guides have a limited range of uniform in a distinctive colour scheme - 90% wear the short sleeve top with the shell hoodie. Other options are the long sleeve top, or the dress (which is worn with one of the tops). Though on paper they are aimed at practical rather than parade, the shell hoodie is warm, and showerproof.

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