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Thread: Penny Walk

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    We do something similar ... cept we do NSEW rather than a penny flip (mostly cause I don't have change most of the time these days).
    We go as a whole colony mostly cause that is easier for us based on our adults available and the size of our group that we have had recently.
    Those at the front of the group do get to choose more than the stragglers, though sometimes we wait for them to 'catch up' before we decide which direction to go next.
    For the first half of the time (we watch the time closely so that we end up back where we are supposed to be at the right time) we give fairly free choice of direction we go, once half the time has elapsed we will be thinking about where we are in relation to the end point and start 'encouraging' directions that will get us closer to the end point rather than farther away.
    The Beavers love the illusion of control over where we go. (the adults make the ultimate decision but the Beaver feel they have made the decision of where we are headed, so it is a bit of an illusion on their part)
    It is generally areas where we have gone on set routes in the past so for risk assessments it is not somewhere we haven't been so know generally if there are major issues, and do dynamic risk assessments constantly because you never know what will be happening on a particular roadway, so if we notice something ahead that we want to avoid, we won't give that direction as an option for the Beavers to vote on.

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    Way late, but how about doing the penny flipping in front of a map, draw the route on the map, and then follow the map? You'll know where everyone is going. You could do one route. The scouts would learn a bit about maps. As far as safety is concerned how about just put a border around where the scouts must stay within. If you meet up with a border your options are limited to not crossing the border.

    Maybe a dice would be better. 1,2,3,4: straight. 5:right, 6:left. Hit a dead end, or highway on ramp, and turn around.

    One problem I see is that a random walk is, well, random. You may not get very far. A rule that might make things a bit more interesting is that you can't cross your own path. Again, a nice way for scouts to connect what's on the map with where they are.

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