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Thread: Adult recruitment

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianw View Post
    The picture is probably key. Somehow you want to be attracting adults, not more kids, so it needs to be an adult having fun with the kids. Bright and bold. So not a few people huddled around a sputtering fire. Not a grip and grin.
    This. If you can make and adult having fun the focus of the picture thats great. Could even think about two or more adults having fun. After all, Leaders socialise with each other too.

    Quote Originally Posted by ianw View Post
    Scouting at nth Flumpwell Town is all about "everyday adventure", having fun, and trying new things like [Interesting Thing 1] and [IT2]
    I think you need to strike a balance with the 'interesting things'. They need to be exciting enough to interest those who are themselves adventurous, but not so exciting that they put off those who are less so.
    All posts represent my own opinions only. In no way do they speak for anyone else, including (but not limited to) my group, district, county or HQ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushfella View Post
    How I hated the way District and County used the Six Step Recruiting Plan as a get out clause...

    Bushfella's Guide to Recruiting Adults

    1/ Never appear desperate or negative by advertising that you need Leaders or you will close
    2/ Do publicise that you are always looking for ADULTS to help you expand
    3/ Offer to cover the cost of activity training, expenses etc.
    4/ Be visible - promote the good stuff that you do - use the local paper, social media - FB is used by the majority of parents ( every one of our parents is a member and we have recruited through FB).
    5/ Don't publicise Jimmy and Jemima getting their Home Help badge - do publicise them getting their Paddlesport Awards, or First Aid etc.
    6/ Make sure that your group details are up to date on ALL local Community guides - most councils operate a database of community clubs
    7/ Make sure that your website is up to date and has contact details
    8/ If someone shows an interest in any single activity, they are nibbling at the bait, work them and hook them
    9/ Ask, ask, ask...
    10/ Just because someone offers, do not assume that they will be the right person for the job. Be prepared to find them something else to do.

    And get involved in your local community - there WILL be local conservation groups looking for helpclearing pathc, balsalm bashing, etc.. Get involved, be seen, get other volunteers talking about your kids voluntering.
    Some excellent advice there.

    There is nothing worse that trying to get volunteers if they feel they'll be landed with it all in the case of a struggling section or group

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