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Thread: Letting a bully into the Pack

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    Gossip at the school gate, I think. My kids don't go to the local school any more, so I'm a bit out of that loop.

    I suspect Child A was saying how good Cubs is, Child B wants to mess up as much of child A's life as possible (apparently) so has decided to try Cubs as well.
    OR, Children A, C, D and E were talking about Cubs on Founder's Day, and Child B, bored of having no friends, has decided to try to meet new people by starting Cubs.

    I've seen both, and they both end up with needing to watch both sides very closely until they either get bored of being watched, or find a way to get on together.
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    I'd be wary - I went through being bullied, both at school and then afterwards until they found a natural outlet for their aggression. And then on June 8th 1982, like the answer to a prayer Sir Galahad happened!

    If you have sufficient leaders to cover what you may be introducing then see if you can do something for the good of all. If you have inadequate resources you may just be making one child's misery even worse, with possible far reaching repurcussions - a difficult decision. Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushfella View Post
    You take the new kid and you make 100% sure that there is no bullying and no opportunity for bullying in the Pack.
    How are you going to make 100% sure? You will never hear every comment, or see every action. It will always happen to some degree, and you need actions to deal with it.

    What you *do* need to provide is a route for anyone to report bullying and make it clear to everyone what the consequences and escalation would be (report to parents, temporary suspension, permanent suspension). Also remind all the leaders of their responsibility to keep an eye out and share any information.

    It would, of course, be a pure coincidence that you chose to explain this to the children on the first meeting of the new cub.

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