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Thread: Changing of the Guard

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    Changing of the Guard

    So two years ago our Group had GSL/Section Leaders of the following ages

    GSL - 71
    BSL - 66
    CSL - 69
    SL - 44

    We had several student helpers/Leaders but hardly any Leaders in between them and our Section Leaders in age. I recall a conversation at a Group Scouter's meeting around that time about where were all the young non-student adult Leaders and where were we going to get new Section Leaders from.

    Well we recruited a new BSL in her mid twenties last year after our previous BSL (my Mum) went off on long term sick. This evening our CSL has agreed a role swap with a new ACSL in her early twenties. I will be swapping roles with our GSL next year (an agreed succession plan between myself, GSL and DC). We have also recruited one new Colony Assistant, one ABSL, two new ACSLs and three new non student ASLs all in their early to mid 20s

    So 3 years later we will have

    GSL - 37
    BSL - Mid twenties
    CSL - Early twenties
    SL - 47

    and will have gone from the Group with the oldest average age in GSL/Section Leader in our District to the one with the youngest.

    "Where have all these new Leaders come from?" I can hear you ask, and the answer is that nearly every single one volunteered through our website (one came via our sponsoring Church), oh and all of them have a previous Scouting background.

    Now the trick will be not to sit on our laurels and think its job done as these days young professionals move around a lot so there is no guarantee all these Leaders will be with us long term.
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    My first thought was wow, that is a lot of Leaders you have.

    Then realised they were the ages.

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