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Thread: Stacking dixies

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    Quote Originally Posted by mang21 View Post
    Depending on where you are based there is a big auction place in Malmesbury (just off the M4 in Wiltshire) that does regular catering auctions - obviously some of it isn't going to be that useful for camping (dishwashers etc) but there can be some useful pots and pans going. I suspect they aren't the only ones - unfortunately the catering trade is rather precarious at present so with relatively frequent restaurant closures there is going to be a reasonable trade in second hand kitchenware.
    How do i not know about this place?

    Off to a big 2nd hand catering equipment place in Bridgewater on Thursday for work - i'll let people know if there's any decent stuff for Scouting there.

    There's also a Nisbetts clearance depot in Avonmouth for 2nds, returns, etc, which i'm told is very good value. Off there on Thursday as well!
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    Not a lot obviously useful in next weeks sale but this caught my eye - - amongst the odds and ends at the end of the sale list (

    (Friend of mine was an architect that has been involved in design work on a number of community centre kitchens including the ASC just down the road from your hut - put me on to it when I was looking for something a while back - probably one of those things that those in the trades know about but otherwise is fairly low profile)
    Does anyone know what's going on?

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