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Thread: Washing up station for camp - any ideas?

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    does that matter though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftypete View Post
    The trouble is that when you went to go buy some more identical sets to give to new kids sods law will be that you are unable to find the exact same stuff to buy.
    Indeed - that would really mess with my OCD tendencies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftypete View Post
    The trouble is that when you went to go buy some more identical sets to give to new kids sods law will be that you are unable to find the exact same stuff to buy.
    And also, you stencil the names on, but to find your plate you have to wade through up to 30 others, only to find Smiffy didn't bother to look and has your plate.

    Plates and bowls do my nut in. There's always some numpty that forgets, so I bring 3-4 sets, and still find that there's none of mine there when its meal times, like mine are some sort of communal property to help yourself to if you can't find yours after 2 seconds of looking. But but but, for me, far far worse is cutlery, kids that don't know what theirs looks like, take someone else's that looks similar, two kids later [whiney voice] "Whoooosee got my fork? I can't find my fork" every single meal time. And to be fair, I suppose, 50 sets of cutlery is quite a search. So we've compromised, communal cutlery, own plates and bowls (yeah, or just borrow mine without asking, I won't mind*).

    * So actually last camp I took three sets for "me" and the serial forgetters, and some spares as lost property. Keep them separate so I've always got one to grab for me.

    Yes, this is Explorers, and yes, I'm too soft, but meal times is when I just wanted to sit down and eat and relax for 10 minutes, not have to arbitrate fork wars every mealtime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftypete View Post
    Before camp? What and then you took it with you to camp? We lash ours together once we are on camp.
    Yeah, we used to have a camp prep night before camps. Mind you, we rarely went further than the next town.
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    We discovered Onion Bags last year. Amazing things on camp. Our system now is each kid has a (named) onion bag. They wash up their stuff, then put it in the onion bag which are all hanging up on a rope under a tarp. No drying up - they drip dry and we have had more hygiene problems with drying up cloths than anything. Easy to spot at the end of the day if little Smithy hasn't done washing up as his onion bag is empty. Everything much more organised last year and kids (scout age) seemed to appreciate it as well as it meant they didn't loose their stuff either over the camp.

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