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Thread: Royal Wedding

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    I am not at all bothered and I do watch the programme Meghan Markle was in. Luckily I have been saved from having to avoid it on the TV by GSL training this weekend.

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    Child 2 has just come down for breakfast and said, ‘Is there a Royal Wedding on today?’

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
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    My only concern was that the dress would be discernibly different to my daughter's dress.

    (She gets married later this year and would not have been happy if people thought that she'd gone for a cheap(er) imitation. Fortunately for us all, and her father's wallet, the only similarity to her chosen dress is the colour.)
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    Went up Leith Hill, highest point in the south east apparently, though, I admit, I didn't start at the bottom. I don't know how busy it usually is, but the roads in general seemed quiet, and the pub that usually has a gazillion people outside was eerily quiet, so I suspect it was quieter than normal. Of course, we climb up the tower to find a group of guides at the top. No escape from scouting. Nice view though. Could see the Wembley arch through binoculars. Avoided that too, as we got home, did some gardening, had dinner, watched the Giro highlights, and stuff on catch-up, then bed. Okay, so if something else has happened in the world, we missed it.

    Still, if you like that sort of thing, and clearly many do, good luck to you, I'll not begrudge you.
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    I dragged the lawn mower up and down the garden. This isn't a play on words, I mowed the entire garden, including the grass, shrubs, assorted bushes and weeds and nettles. I also broke down some mounds of earth with a rake (I know, people envy my rock star lifestyle...)

    I saw nothing of the wedding.


    Seeing some of the highlights, and if you repeat this I'll deny it... People seemed to enjoy it and when the British put their mind to it, (usual caveats around inequality to one side), they can really put on a show.

    So fair play to the couple and everyone who had a good day of it. I also won't begrudge anyone a good time.

    I look forward to the media finishing its post-coital cigarette and calming down a bit.

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