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Thread: International: Values & Community sections

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    International: Values & Community sections

    Anybody got some new & brill ideas for these sections?

    There's the usual stuff we do but looking at getting the scouts motivated in completing these.


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    One of our local Network are doing a series of evenings on water aid, she was down the local treatment works with her scouts the other day.
    I think another did a hearing loss week at uni. that sort of thing could translate for young leaders.

    I have vague recollections of one game involving ball pit balls, where each colour was a different thing, food, medicine, guns etc etc, and if you had some of x you could do y, but if you had 5 y you could do z. Really hazy on the details sorry, the person doing it ran it for all the units in the district to fit the "series of meetings" criteria. The differing reactions to the game taught them as much as the actual game itself I think, one unit took it seriously, another took it seriously but not for very long, another just chucked the balls at each other at every opportunity.
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