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Thread: To Website or Not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith View Post
    Ours is the current district waiting list secretary and our district have always managed to update the contact person when it's changed.

    It's not as good as our own page or website, but it's better than a blank page or an error message.

    If i'm honest, id rather they used our TSA page then the Google Form on the district website.
    A work in progress, but i've now got rid of the redirect to our group page on and replaced it with a word press site. Currently it is more or a place holder with basic contact details for joining and volunteering, but the plan is to replace that with a proper online form.

    I only started doing this less than 2 hours ago, so DNS might not have propagated for some hosts.

    I'm using a generic non-Scouting word press theme that I have customised for the new branding which I will use atleast until ASLChris releases a theme for the new branding.

    It's the same link as in my signature, but remember, it's very much a work in progress at the moment.
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    This is my work in progress: Oakham All Saints Scout Group in Rutland

    I've never been so on brand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
    Sorry, I don't understand. It is absolutely, totally, about the skills that the volunteer wants to use. The skills that the volunteer wants to use in Scouting may well be totally different to the skills that they use in their day job.

    When the volunteer has decided what they want to offer it is then about how they pick who to offer it to. I'm suggesting that a website only shows part of the story and talking to the DC may show more of the story. I'm also suggesting that since this is Scouting (and probably also volunteering more generally) the volunteer is hopefully also thinking about where they would be useful as well as where they would enjoy themselves, and the DC should be a good person to advise on that.
    My post seems to be missing some words.

    Should have said:

    Is it just about the skills that a volunteer has, or is it about the skills that a volunteer wants to use

    No idea what happened there!!

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    My Wife's group gets lots of inquiries via its website. The site gets a tweek once every 6 months with new pictures being added monthly. They have two Facebook pages a private one for members of the group and a public one these help to keep parents informed as lots of them don't bother with OSM. The Group gets no inquiries via the National site. Because once it reaches District they are sent to Groups who are struggling so they can try and increase their numbers. The Grouyp has been made a member of the local primary school Facebook page and that has proved to be a very good source of new recruits.
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