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Thread: Moving group - do you need to be reinvested?

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    Moving group - do you need to be reinvested?

    I have 2 boys, 10 and 12, one has been a scout for 2 years the other is about to start scouts having been a cub/beaver. For various reasons they are moving scout group, different group, different district.

    The question is does the existing scout need to be reinvested in the new group? Or can he go straight into the new group? The 10yo will need to be invested as he hasn't been a scout yet...

    Also their first meeting is tonight, should they wear their neckers from the group they are leaving, or go neckerless?


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    They will need to be invested into the new group, but of course they are still Scouts (once invested into scouting, each new investiture is into the new section/group - they don't stop being scouts inbetween). The process and investiture will be managed by the new group.

    I would suggest that they wear their uniform sans necker, as the necker is a group signifier. If you're not sure, just ask their new leader!
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    Some groups do reinvest when they present them with their new group necker, some don't. They're still members of Scouting.

    They can wear their uniform and previous group necker.

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    When we welcome kids in from another group I ask them to come in their uniform including necker. With a bit of luck they're as proud of their old group as our kids are of ours, and they can switch allegiance when they like.
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    As they are already members of TSA they do not need re-investing, but why not take the opportunity to welcome them by letting them re-make their promise, or just get everyone to do it at the beginning of term? I'm with John on scarves - their identity is important to them so they wear the existing scarf until they are ready to make the switch. (In our case usually when I remember to order the new ones)
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    Don't think there is a right or wrong on this as such. I don't remember ever having invested someone who is transferring- there already a member in my eyes. As for new scarf and group tape i'd probably give them new ones to swap after a week or two (simply so I don't waste a set if we never see them again after week 1!).
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    We had a group that closed and it was agreed that all the Beavers and Scouts would come to our Group and the Cubs to another (there are reasons for that and individuals could make another choice if they chose).

    We allowed all their members to wear their necker until they either changed section or they made a choce that they wanted to wear the same necker as our Group.

    It took a few years to work through but it worked.

    I realise that this is different to the case in question but I would say they wear their own until they decide that they want to stay and then welcome them to the Group by presenting them with a necker and if Group policy dictates have them renew their Promise - but not necessary.

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    The way we work in such situations os they come along waering their previous Group necker and when they have decided they are sticking around in our Group (so usually after about 4 weeks) we invest them into our Group (as opposed to as a member of Scouting) and at that point give them our Group necker to wear instead of their old Group one.

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    There's no right or wrong way. I actually asked Gilwell years ago. We've had several over the years. One was doing his Scouting abroad and was really keen to show of his uniform and badges & we made a big fuss of it. Another was less keen. It's up to you how you welcome them.

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