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Thread: A tale of two meetings

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    A tale of two meetings

    So a meeting held with higher echelons of Scouting and a brainstorming session at work.

    The glitterati of several districts. Commissioners all except a couple of District chairs. Considering how to address the many issues across mainly rural districts. And to consider a report prepared with suggestions to address.
    Regrettably achieved little for the time invested.

    Then at work yesterday I facilitated a team of 'early careers' , apprentices, graduates, and a couple of industrial placement students. Such energy and enthusiasm in considering a stretch project involving use of mobile phones in a totally new domain application . Ideas aplenty, innovation and energy, problems identified and overcome. Different planet. Really ennervating.Average age around 22

    So.. I know that the work team was chosen for their energy, enthusiasm, team working and technical ability. To me a demonstration oF the potential capability of those who may drive the future of our economy.

    More power to the youth is my view, just wish we had a few more of that age group in our district....
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    Is it a matter of age or just stagnation? The same people in the same posts for long periods of time, trying to deal with the same issues year after year perhaps without success.

    Vs. a new group of people with a fresh challenge and no preconceptions.

    I think most groups struggle to maintain innovation in the long term.

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    It's also very easy to say "somebody should do this" or "somebody should do that" but in a volunteer group you realize that the only somebody likely to do it is you, so if you don't want to do it you keep quiet.

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