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Thread: Uninhibited teenagers

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    Uninhibited teenagers

    Last night our scouts went to the local pantomime as our end of year bit of fun. It was the first time I'd been in well over a decade and personally I loved it.

    What was even better though was so did the scouts. Esepcially the 13 and 14 year olds. Let's be honest panto is not cool. And this was as traditionally uncool as it gets. Lots of "oh yes he is" and "he's behind you", lots of cheesy songs (some how Call me Maybe got shoe horned into Aladdin!) Our older scouts threw themselves into it, completely uninhibited, singing along, shouting, cheering, booing, laughing histerically at the slap stick stuff.

    There is so much pressure these days for teenagers to be cool, to be into the lastest whatever is going on, to grow up too fast. To see a gang of them just throw themselves into something so wonderfully child like without any inhibitions was heart warming. I think we'll be going again next year

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    I find that with the older Scouts ‘forcing’ them to do kids stuff means they can really enjoy themselves, but because you made them, they’re still cool and it was ironic.

    Get them to sing Doe a Deer, with the actions...

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    I think for leaders and kids alike, Scouts is that rare opportunity to regress a little and let your hair down. It's always gratifying to be able to revisit younger, more carefree times... And it's ever more gratifying, when you organise something for the young folk, and they just enjoy it hugely - in a way (I think) we (and they eventually will) forget later in life.

    Slightly linked to uninhibited teenagers... Last night while our fire got going, we played number football for the first time in years. This used to be a serious affair, the kids we had (mostly) liked football, so it was competitive. Of course, there was always a minority that just weren't into it, but the majority of our Scouts were and they played to win. Not so much so last night. They were all to a one terrible - and it was fantastic. Half way through I stopped and told them how refreshing it was to see how terrible they were, and that they should be proud of their total lack of skill. Far from being the naff, unfashionable thing being crap at football was once considered to be - they'd mainstreamed it.

    Good for them. The whole thing was a total hoot, for them and me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pa_broon74 View Post
    Half way through I stopped and told them how refreshing it was to see how terrible they were, and that they should be proud of their total lack of skill. Far from being the naff, unfashionable thing being crap at football was once considered to be - they'd mainstreamed it.

    Good for them. The whole thing was a total hoot, for them and me.
    I can say that our experience is that we have always gathered kids who were not good at sport. To the point where the footballers and the sporty types that joined rarely stayed because they were the ones who were out of place.

    We make what we do fashionable with "our" crowd.

    Overheard - non-member taking the mick out of the Navs, they were nerds. "Yeah. Maybe so, but we get to spin fire about and throw fire at each other. What do you do dumbass?"
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    And then one goes too far, and heckles the "dame", who comes off stage, makes a few jokes with him, kisses him on cheek, goes back on stage, refers to said Explorer by name all through the rest of the show in romantic comic asides.

    Then when we all traipsed off to what we thought was a panto, only to find it was an am-dram musical, and the main love interest couple slowly build up to the climactic final scene where it's all will they kiss won't they kiss and she wonders if they should or shouldn't, and he wonders if he should or he shouldn't, and this goes on for a bit until one Explorers shouts "JUST KISS HER!!!" and half the cast, including the leading man, corpse completely.

    Good times, though you probably had to be there.

    But yes, on your point, it's great to see them just unselfconsciously let themselves go and just "be" in the moment. We had some of that at summer camp, when the cleaned and refilled cattle trough provided much sport and entertainment, as well as getting the Explorers a little cleaner.
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    One of the things I notice is even at Explorer age they enjoy being allowed to just be kids from time to time (just don't treat them like little children). For example one of our Unit's favourite activities is playing tig123, hardly a supposedly "cool" activity for 14 to 18 year olds.

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    I think it's more general than that - most people of any age enjoy being able to have fun and be a bit silly when in a situation were there is no chance of being judged.

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    Being silly is a great part of scouts. Maybe that's one advantage of mixing scouts aged 11-18 together, it's okay for the older scouts to be silly. Just tonight I saw a couple of 17 year olds leading a group of 11-13 year olds in games for 5-8 year olds. They all had fun.

    If the scouts won't do it on their own then I certainly enjoy getting it started. My excuse is it takes a lot of humility to be silly and humility is a great skill. Truth is I just enjoy it. The challenge is not hurting myself playing like a little kid.

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