For the Cub Centenary I decided to start collecting items to help my Cubs understand the history of the movement that they are part of. I've managed to amass a good collection of vintage uniforms (both pre and post APR - Advance Party Report) and have also a range of badges, books and other items. It is a living collection that I still take around different groups - my most recent trip was to Great Smeaton Cubs in the neighbouring North Yorkshire County. I personally feel that the Cubs understanding where the movement came from helps them to respect some of the traditions and also to embrace some of the changes that have been made to keep the movement current. I'm always interested in additional items to add to my collection. I'd be particularly interested in items from Durham County - as despite being my home area it is woefully under-represented in my collection - the main items I have from the area being mine and my brothers Beaver uniforms and my own Cub uniform. I'm also always interested to hear about peoples recollections of their time in Cubs. We frequently encourage Cubs to dress up in some of my vintage items. This took place at Great Smeaton and I also took some of our members to the War Weekend in Pickering where we enjoyed joining in their parade. Whilst I'm most interested in Cub items - I also have a range of Scout, Senior Scout and Rover items. These come in particularly useful for events like the war weekend as Cubs seem to be quite a bit bigger today than they used to be. Hence I normally have to put them in the uniforms of older sections. I could do with finding some larger Cub caps for certain! Also I currently have to rely on modern shorts - my only vintage pairs are both adult sized. Thank you for your help and assistance.